Saturday, March 14, 2009

California Vacation

Here are some pictures from California Adventures and Huntington Beach from our little trip down to California to see Madeline. I will have more of Disneyland when I get them uploaded.

Walking to the parks from our hotel

Collin with grandpa.

Me and Carter

Me and Collin


Waiting to go on the Toy Story Mania Ride

Collin and me on the Toy Story Mania ride

Waiting to go into the "It's tough to be a bug 3D"

Carter and Jakson riding on the Heimlich ride from "Bug's Life".

Collin and grandma on this same ride

Carter and Collin with Lightning McQueen

Grand kids with Mater and Lighting McQueen

Ella and Collin waiting for their moms to get off the.....

Grizzly River Run ride!!!

Carter and Collin with Elasta Girl

Carter watching the Pixar Play Parade

Rachel and Carter looking for shells

Carter with grandpa